Monday, January 27, 2014

NEW comic under development!

Lately I've been unable to update The Facepalming Journal for a variety of reasons (including exams, a busy work schedule, and kids). However, I've recently decided to start development on a comic that has been kicking around in my imagination since 1994. It's called The Furious Blade...

"In the mythical world of Avalon people are living in fear. Simple folk are disappearing in the dead of night, and vile creatures once believed to be gone forever are appearing in dark alleys and in deep woodlands. However, in the northern capital city of Stonemount, young safecracker Seth Phoenix cares little for the world's problems. Fate & circumstance will collide for him very soon, though, and the tide of darkness brewing in the shadows will have an unstoppable force to deal with...The Furious Blade!"

The Furious Blade, Seth Phoenix COPYWRITE 2014 by Jordan Stasuk. All rights reserved.